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A vibrant setting that everyone loves for its variety and location in Central region

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Découvrez Châteaudun et son château

Explore the Central region during your camping holiday

Les Ilots de Saint Val campsite is the perfect base to explore in and around the Central region.

To find out more about the region: Portes Euréliennes d'Ile-de-France Tourist Office

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Remontez le temps en visitant le Jardin de la préhistoire à Auneau

Head to Auneau and visit the Prehistoric Park 26km from the campsite. It’s a great way to travel back in time in the local area.

The dolmens and menhirs in Changé are 7km from the campsite. Dive into Saint-Piat’s heritage at the archaeological site and unearth the secrets of this amazing setting.

The medieval town of Gallardon awaits 18km away. Stroll through sun-soaked streets and gaze at the beautiful buildings. It’s a joy to wander around Gallardon and soak up all the culture the town has to offer.

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Parcourez Bonneval appelée aussi la Petite Venise de Beauce

Camping holiday in the Central region

You’ll be ready to get out and about after setting up your slice of paradise at the campsite. Visit Bonneval, the so-called Little Venice of Beauce. The town based around the Loir is filled with beautiful buildings and landmarks that you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to take a trip to stunning Chartres a little over half an hour from the campsite. The town is nicknamed the “Capital of Light and Fragrance” which tells you everything you need to know about its magic. Famous Chartres Cathedral is worth a detour as it’s an impressive architectural gem.

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Le Jardin du Pré-Catelan est un parc botanique

Other towns worth visiting are Dreux, Nogent-le-Rotrou and Thoiry’s spellbinding château. There are lots of places to explore from Les Ilots de Saint Val campsite including the birthplace of Marcel Proust, Illers Combray. There’s lots to do in the Central Region such as water sports, hot-air balloon rides for bird’s eye views of the country, fishing and hiking.

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Visitez Dreux et sa chapelle royale

Heritage and Châteaux

The Royal Chapel of Dreux lies 23km from the campsite where you can gaze at stunning statues, beautifully tended grounds, eye-catching stained glass and more. It’s a fabulous destination near the campsite that epitomises arts during the reign of King Louis-Philippe.

Campsite Eure et Loir France Centre : Visites guidées au château d'Anet

Anet Château is 33km from the campsite where you can go on guided tours exploring the local history. You’ll hear stories about the noblemen who lived here and can admire the restoration work that’s been going on since 1840!

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